Relic Gallery is located upstairs within Radius Gallery and only shows and sells items valued by professional appraiser Tim Gordon to create consistency, accountability and validity to our pricing. Living full-time in Missoula, Tim Gordon keeps Relic's heart centered in Montana. Experience and trusted relationships affords Tim Gordon access to precious art and collectables from which he hand selects items for Relic's clientele. 





Allez is a revolving outdoor urban art gallery which activates the alleyway of the

beautiful new 120 N Higgins Avenue building in the Original Townsite of Missoula. We

engage, promote and sponsor a wide variety of artists and artistic visions, and we provide a custom display system on a lighted alley wall for showcasing quality artworks that represent our region. We strive for ways to create a tangible, stable economy for artists by partnering with other community organizations, nonprofits, schools and businesses to promote sponsored public events.


120 N Higgins Ave

Tyler Worden




Uptown Diner


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